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Full Service

10% of monthly rent
  • 72% of 1st Month's Rent - Tenant Placement Fee
  • $200.00 Annual Renewal


13% of monthly rent
  • 72% of 1st Month's Rent - Tenant Placement Fee
  • $200.00 Annual Renewal
  • Eviction Protection Plan Included
    (1 eviction per year)

Premium Plus

15% of monthly rent
  • 72% of 1st Month's Rent - Tenant Placement Fee
  • Quarterly Inspections Included (3)
  • Eviction Protection Plan Included
    (1 eviction per year)

Discover Our Services

We handle your property needs from start to finish

Property Marketing

We focus on filling vacancies quickly to restart your cash flow. Our marketing team uses proven promotional strategies to get your listing in front of as many eyes as possible.

Tenant Screening

Healthy property management relationships start with good tenants. We use comprehensive screening to qualify applicants and apply strict rental criteria to protect your investment.

Rent Collection

Collecting your monthly rent check shouldn't be a pesky chore on your plate. Let us handle your accounting needs & we'll send out bills, follow up with tenants, and direct deposit your earnings.


Are you still spending every free moment of your time responding to repair requests? Entrust your home to our team and we'll coordinate repairs on your behalf.

Property Inspections

All of our property management packages include regular inspections. These visits give our management team the opportunity to check-in on your home's health.

Financial Reporting

Ready to take a hard look at the numbers for your property? Log into the account portal at any time to view your monthly financial statements & account notes from our team.


Our management strategy is designed to make evictions a last resort. If we ever feel an amicable resolution isn't in the cards, we'll handle the eviction & get your home back to rent-ready shape.

Legal Guidance

Are you aware of the laws and federal guidelines that govern your rental home? Don't leave your compliance up to chance; instead, let our team work to keep your home in line.

Why Choose Federated ?

We're the perfect partner for your Florida home.

We Keep Your Needs Front and Center

As your property managers, we know we're your first call when something goes wrong. Don't find yourself stuck with a management team that doesn't prioritize your needs. We work quickly to resolve problems for you.

Florida Tenant Laws are No Match for Us

Worried about your home getting caught up in the complicated web of ordinances and legal guidelines that impact Florida properties? Don't be! We'll dot the i's and cross the t's, keeping you protected.

Technology Keeps You Connected with Our Team

Long gone are the days of waiting for a financial statement in the mail each month. We use digital tools like online account portals to make it easy for tenants and clients alike to interact with our property managers.

"The professionals at Federated Management Group took away my fear of buying rental property. They have also been highly instrumental in helping me make the decisions that are responsible for the financial success of my properties today. These business professionals are always knowledgeable, patient and trustworthy."

Ruth F.

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"With every single problem, the team at Federated Management Group was right there, working with me to solve the problem, with their many years of expertise. Even when I only had one property, they treated me like I had ten. Thanks!"

Miguel C.

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